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Seven Reasons You Should US Me Prepare Your Tax Return

Changes -- Changes in tax laws could cost you money if you don't handle them properly. How can you handle them properly when you are not aware of them? I am a full-time, accountant and tax preparation professional with over 30 years of experience.

Knowledge -- I am knowledgeable in all of the deductions that you are allowed to take. I believe in citizenship, and the responsibility of paying taxes, but I also believe that you can spend your money more wisely than the government. Don't pay more than you have to!

Small Business Expertise -- Small business tax preparation expertise: Do you know which business expenses to expense or depreciate? I do! ( The difference could really cost you. ) Maybe you should be an S Corp and keep more of your money.

Accuracy -- E-filing is more accurate than conventional methods, but having a tax professional prepare it and double checking it assures you that the social security numbers etc. are correct. (Did you know that if you e-file online yourself and get your social security number wrong when filing with children, you will end up needing to file it manually? There are several other potential mistakes that could cost you money) The process could take months to get your refund!

Personal & Professional Service -- I personally handle every return. All of my office assistants are professionally trained and work under my DIRECT supervision. I invest thousands of dollars every year in the software that I use to manage the tax return processes, which is coupled with friendly personal service. My office can handle the load and save my clients money.

Taking Care of You! -- That's the motto the that I like to live by. I take my profession very seriously and appreciate the trust that my clients instill in me to be discrete with all the personal information that goes through my office. I do everything that is within my power to take care of you, whether it be for personal and/or business taxes and instruct my staff to do the same.

Methods of Payment -- In order to keep costs down we are accepting cash or check only. Credit card fees have increased and taking longer to process. We could charge you more, as that is now allowed, but most are paying with their debit card so could have paid with a check or cash anyway.