Work for the Future Foundation

Work for the Future Foundation

We are a 501 C3 Non Profit Corporation therefore any donations are fully tax deductible.

We stress work ethics, being on time, dressing appropriately and good manners. We also believe that God has given each of us earthly talents that we can use. Discovering their talent is key to making them productive adults and therefore better able to succeed. Age of students are 14-18 (Freshman-Senior of High School). Also will have young adults from 19 to 30 as space is available.

A summary of the program is to have each student work each quarter in one of 4 areas of running a business. The 4 areas are Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, and Grandmas' Ginger Shop which will use baking, cooking soup, making sandwiches, a Barista for coffee and smoothies, as well as retail items, such as cards, recipe books, cookie shapes and gift baskets. These will allow for different skills to be developed. They will work 10 hours a week minimum and during their work hours will also be learning as they are doing. If they work more than 10 hours per week they will be paid at minimum wage. The first 10 hours per week worked is their tuition. They will in a year work all 4 areas of running the business. 

This is a trade school and the purpose is to have the students able to have a skill that can get them a job or they can set up their own business and know how to run it thus creating their own job.

Parents or students will not have a loan when they are finished. Each year they work the 10 hours per week from September through May of any school year, they will earn a scholarship to go to ANY SCHOOL.

First year will receive $1,000, 2nd year $3,000, 3rd year $6,000 and 4th year $8,000. This means, art school, chef cooking school or any other trade school and yes if they want to go to college they can use the scholarship for that too. In other words, the scholarship they earn they can use towards any school.

The 4 areas are: Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, and Grandmas' Ginger Shop. In each there are other classes such as IT Computer, Advertising, Baking, Barista skills, Food Preparation, Managing a shop, and Cashiering. There are careers just in Human Resources by handling the hiring, firing and managing employees so the boss can concentrate on running the business. It also teaches them how to interview and be interviewed for a job. Something missing as most employers are only going to websites which does not help them practice how to do a good interview.

Accounting will also help them understand why all the forms and why it is necessary to know this part to succeed in business. Can also take accounting and tax preparation classes. 

When finished these students will be an asset to any business that hires them. The one thing that I get from business owners is poor work ethics. We will instill in our students that they work a full days work for a full days pay, and not just when the boss is watching. They will show up on time, which means a few minutes early to put things away, bathroom etc and ready to work when they are scheduled to work. We will have a dress code, have a no drugs of any kind policy. They will realize that you are representing your employer not you! We also will not tolerate bad language from students or the public. Sometimes customers are not right and we will not have our students abused in this manner. We will actually have a sign saying, "We appreciate your business, help our students by being polite and using polite conversation."