Practical Job Skills and Small Business Operation Training Center

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Practical Job Skills and Small Business Operation Training Center

Work for the Future Foundation

We are a 501c3 NonProfit organization. We are accepting donations to get a building!

We provide on the Job Training in an office setting for all phases of running an accounting and tax preparation office.

Please call 479 763-1201, leave your name and phone number as our offices will be Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm when we are finished with moving into our new building.

NOTE: WE ARE NOW IN ARKANSAS! Please dial a 1 if you are not in Arkansas. 

We are now accepting students in our current location in Fort Smith, AR. Please

call 479 763-1201 to sign up for classes. Also looking for a receptionist to work the phones, and contact clients. Students can also perform the receptionist post after training.

Please leave a message with your name, date and time you called and a short message of why you called.

Our vision is to get a building and teach all four phases of running a business. This includes Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Tax Preparation and managing in the near future, as well as:

  • Grandma's Ginger House and gift shop.
  • Later, we would like to have a restaurant as well. 

In this county we have the highest suicide rate in the state! So part of our vision is to have a safe home for teens! We have it for every other group why not teens!

Work for the Future Foundation is a Practical Job Skills and Small Business Operation Training Center located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

We are a Trade School and believe the students should work off their costs not be burdened with a huge bill!

We stress work ethics, being on time, dressing appropriately and good manners. We also believe that God has given each of us earthly talents that we can use.

Discovering their talent is key to making them productive adults and therefore better able to succeed. Age of students are 14-18 (Freshman-Senior of High School). Also will have young adults from 19 to 30 as space is available.